The Un-Rules of Screenwriting: Kirsten Smith’s List

We at LA Screenwriter have found that novice screenwriters often struggle with the problem of “the rules,” erring either on the side of formula or of complete disregard for structure. With that in mind, we’ve asked working writers what rules–either flexible or inflexible–guide their writing.

The Pros

Learn from the best screenwriters in the business:   Interviews – interviews with some of today’s leading screenwriters Screenwriter Profiles – profiles of the greatest screenwriters of all time The Un-Rules of Screenwriting – professional screenwriters weigh in on the rules of writing they find most useful  

Screenwriter Profile: Scott Frank

The Writer: Scott Frank is one of those writers whose name you should definitely know. He’s up there with the greats like Woody Allen, Billy Wilder, and the Epsteins. A few years back, Scott gave a great lecture for BAFTA that is well worth the listen. In it, you’ll get Scott’s rules of screenwriting. Scott… Continue Reading →

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