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As a replacement for our old script index, below you’ll find all of our favorite resources for tracking down produced film screenplays, television pilots, show bibles, and more online. Any produced script found online should only be used for personal education purposes.

FYC Links

These link to scripts that are currently vying for award nominations (FYC means “for your consideration”). These links tend to go dead shortly after the Oscars / the Emmys. Check in during fall/winter for the year’s best feature screenplays and in summer/fall for the year’s best television scripts.

Film and TV Scripts

TV Scripts

Screenplays from the Last Ten Years

Older Screenplays

Not Finding the Script You Want?

Not sure where to start?

  • These are the screenplays that the WGA considers to be the 100 best ever written, but unfortunately, the list doesn’t have any script links. Most of these scripts can be found online.

Are we missing a great resource?

  • Let us know – lascreenwriterblog[at]

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  1. Looking for 2 old Equalizer (T.V. not the movie) scripts I have found most of the ones , but these two have eluded me” Splinters” and “Hand in Glove” any one have clue where I can find them ?

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