Farewell From LA Screenwriter

Dear Friend, I started LA Screenwriter a decade ago to help improve my own writing. I wanted to be reading the best screenwriting articles and the best scripts and sharing both with other aspiring writers like myself. As I gained more experience and confidence, I started sharing some of my own advice and the wisdom... Continue Reading →

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Writer/Director John Suits Talks BREACH

This week Ashley Scott Meyers talks with filmmaker John Suits. Since he is such a prolific writer and director, John is back for his third appearance on the podcast. John Suits talks about directing his latest action/sci-fi movie, Breach (2020). Other topics include how directing Breach, which stars Bruce Willis and Rachel Nichols, led to... Continue Reading →

Writer/Director Liam O’Donnell Talks SKYLINES

In this episode of the podcast, Ashley Scott Meyers talks with filmmaker Liam O'Donnell. They talk about many topics, including his sci-fi/thriller trilogy, Skyline. Liam O'Donnell wrote Skyline (2010), and is the writer/director of Beyond Skyline (2017) and Skylines (2020). Other topics include the decision to make a trilogy and how to make your movie... Continue Reading →

Thomas Dever Talks Writer Success at Coverfly

This week Ashley Scott Meyers talks with Thomas Dever, Head Of Writer Success at Coverfly. Coverfly is a script listing service and database which connects screenwriters to many industry opportunities like contests and fellowships. Thomas Dever goes into detail about how writers can best market themselves to producers, agents, and other decision makers. He also... Continue Reading →

Your Free 2021 Writing Tracker

Per our annual tradition, here is your printable 2021 writing tracker. No sign ups, no tricks -- just a gift for you. This isn't specific to screenwriting -- it's not even specific to writing. It's just a handy chart that you can use however you see fit track monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Check our... Continue Reading →

Writer/Director Sean C. Stephens Talks EXPULSION

This week Ashley Scott Meyers talks with filmmaker Sean C. Stephens. They talk about his high concept science fiction movie, Expulsion. Sean co-wrote and co-directed Expulsion along with Aaron Jackson. Topics also include using state tax incentives to produce your indie movie, his writing process, and where Sean C. Stephens gets his inspiration from. You... Continue Reading →

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