Make a Movie Magnets

classic movies, original ideas

220 pre-cut magnets for coming up with new movie ideas, or just having fun

We’ve made our very own set of 220 classic movie titles, settings, genres, and character types for you to mix together and rework into new screenplay ideas. Or to just decorate your fridge.

$9 + tax / free shipping in US

Each set includes…

  • Beloved FILM TITLES
  • A wide range of GENRES
  • A variety of SETTINGS
  • CHARACTER archetypes
  • Universal THEMES
  • And connecting words

…for creating new, awesome movie ideas.

7 reasons to buy these magnets…

  • They’re awesome
  • Because you love and want to support LA Screenwriter
  • To give to all of your writer friends
  • You friggin love movies
  • Your fridge is barren and sad
  • You were so good this week
  • To come up with AMAZING script ideas!

Free shipping in the US!

When you buy, you’ll get a confirmation from PayPal. We’ll email you when we drop your magnets in the mail! If you have any questions, please email

Make a Movie Magnets: $9 + tax

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