THE BANKER: A Conversation with Director George Nolfi

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) In 2004, George Nolfi adapted his spec screenplay Honor Among Thieves into the sequel to Ocean's Eleven -- Ocean's Twelve. He went on to write and direct projects such as The Adjustment Bureau. His latest project, The Banker in inspired by true events and centers on revolutionary businessmen Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson), who... Continue Reading →

Depicting a True Prison Break in ESCAPE FROM PRETORIA

(L-R) Ian Hart as Denis Goldberg, Daniel Radcliffe as Tim Jenkin and Daniel Webber as Stephen Lee in the drama/thriller, “ESCAPE FROM PRETORIA,” a Momentum Pictures release. Photo Courtesy of Momentum Pictures. by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) In 1978, Tim Jenkin was sentenced to prison for twelve years for working on behalf of the African National Congress... Continue Reading →

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