Lessons from the Screenplay: The Empathetic Villain

The antagonist may be the most misunderstood character type, but fortunately Michael Tucker is here to offer some clarity. In his most recent episode of Lessons from the Screenplay, Michael breaks down the inner-workings of Erik Killmonger, the antagonist in Black Panther. Watch the video below, and subscribe to the Lessons from the Screenplay channel... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Screenplay: The Perfect Antagonist

It's time to share another amazing video lesson from Michael Tucker. This video is the most viewed of his Lessons from the Screenplay series on YouTube, and with good reason. It breaks down the components of a compelling antagonist as demonstrated by Heath Ledger's unforgettable Joker. Watch, learn, then subscribe to Lessons from the Screenplay... Continue Reading →

Dark Desires: 3 Things Your Antagonist Wants

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Despite the fact that many stories pit heroes against non-human forces as their central point of conflict, the vast majority of stories throughout history have been about a hero fighting a single human antagonist. For every San Andreas (man vs. nature) or Jurassic World (man vs. monster), there are 10 films that... Continue Reading →

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