5 Ways to Fail as a Screenwriter

by Greg DePaul (@GregDePaul) Hollywood is hard enough to break into as a screenwriter. But some of us make it even harder. If you’re one of those self-destructive screenwriters who’s doing everything he or she can to fail, this listicle is for you. Here are five sure-fire, battle-tested, absolutely guaranteed ways to fail as a... Continue Reading →

5 Steps Toward Your Big Break

by Angela Bourassa I had the privilege of attending Scriptfest this past weekend on behalf of LA Screenwriter (and my own writing career), and I must say the whole event was a wonderful success. There were a few hiccups here and there, but overall, I found the classes, the interactions, and the opportunities to both... Continue Reading →

The Secrets of R-Rated Comedy: Part II

by Angela Guess Yesterday I shared the first half of my conversation with screenwriter Keith Giglio, author of Writing the Comedy Blockbuster. In part two, Keith and I discuss the importance of stealing, how to break into the industry, and which scripts every aspiring comedy screenwriter should read. LA Screenwriter (LA): You've said, "Professionals create,... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day: Ted Rossario

Breaking into the film business is not a problem that resolves itself through a single answer or path. It’s a problem that succumbs only to a process, a series of efforts taken over time. And the bitch of it is, you never know which is the right strategy until it pays off. So you do everything.... Continue Reading →

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