Data Analysis: Judging Screenplays by Their Coverage

This week on the podcast Stephen Follows talks about his new report, "Judging Screenplays by Their Coverage." The report covers Screencraft's findings from analyzing over 12,000 screenplays along with the coverage these screenplays received from various contests. In the interview we talk about some of his findings. You can listen to the audio portion of... Continue Reading →

3 Rules for Getting Feedback on Your Script

by Gabriel Storment (@SeaStorm24) You should never submit a first draft of a screenplay to a competition. Never. That’s the rule. As much as you’d like to, as many hours, days, months, even years you put into it, it’s just not a good idea. So of course, that’s what I did with my very first... Continue Reading →

A Few Reasons to Give Script Consultants a Shot

I'm trying a script consultant this month for the first time ever. I'll let you know how the experience goes, but in the meantime, here is an article (written by the service I'm trying -- Script A Wish) outlining some reasons why you might want to consider using a reputable script consultant as well.

Quote of the Day: Julie Gray

We don’t give feedback to be right or superior or better. We do it to be constructive
and productive. Given, I do this every single day; it’s my day job. So I’m pretty good at it. But if this is not normal for you, reading a script and giving notes, just remember to give feedback in the same way you’d want to receive it.

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