3 Approaches to Better Dialogue

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Even the most masterful storytellers can bring their narratives to a screeching halt when their dialogue strikes the audience as unnatural. It’s a common misconception that creating dialogue is simply about mastering the way people speak to each other in real life. Our conversations contain nuance and local colloquialisms that work well... Continue Reading →

9 Films to Watch for a Dialogue Bootcamp

[Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on WeScreenplay. It is reprinted here in collaboration with that site.] by Mark Stasenko (@WeScreenplay) 1. GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS written by David Mamet What we learn: Specificity makes dialogue work It’s hard to talk about dialogue and not include David Mamet, and Glengarry Glen Ross is quintessential Mamet in... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day: Curt Franklin

Not using dialogue can give a character an extra layer of personality. Think about the people in your life and their body language, the quirks they have and how it helps define what you think of them. One defeated shrug can speak to a characters entire philosophy of life... You've got the power to make... Continue Reading →

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