Write/LA Announces First Five Industry Insiders

As we approach our final contest deadline on September 2, we are thrilled to announce Write/LA’s first five Industry Insiders: Daniela Gonzalez – Literary Manager, Circle of Confusion Shawn Boxe – Writer, Silicon Valley Monica Levinson – President of Production, ShivHans Pictures (Trumbo, Beirut, Captain Fantastic) Greg Schmidt – Vice President of Production, Truant Pictures Krista Carpenter –... Continue Reading →

How to Sound Like a Professional Screenwriter

by Fin Wheeler In his memoir Adventures in the Screen Trade, William Goldman repeatedly advises that screenwriters, especially early career ones, should be seen, not heard. This advice baffles many aspiring screenwriters. How are they supposed to get noticed if they can’t say a word? The point that Goldman was making is that, if you’re in the... Continue Reading →

Is Your Attitude Affecting Your Screenwriting Career?

by Fin Wheeler Every time an award-winning screenwriter gives an interview, the reporter inevitably asks what they consider the essential elements to success in screenwriting. Just as inevitably, the successful subject responds that talent, determination, hard work, luck, and the right attitude are fundamental ingredients in gaining and maintaining a high profile as a professional... Continue Reading →

Joss Whedon Thinks There Is No Bad Feedback

by Fin Wheeler Screenplays aren’t static, they’re a fluid thing. They change from draft to draft. An ability to rewrite and to listen to, take, and incorporate feedback is what separates professional screenwriters from the rest. In an interview, Joss Whedon was asked about feedback and whether a screenwriter should change things just because the... Continue Reading →

3 Rules for Getting Feedback on Your Script

by Gabriel Storment (@SeaStorm24) You should never submit a first draft of a screenplay to a competition. Never. That’s the rule. As much as you’d like to, as many hours, days, months, even years you put into it, it’s just not a good idea. So of course, that’s what I did with my very first... Continue Reading →

The Brutal Rewrite Process

We could have just as easily called this article, "Don't Get Too Attached to Your Script." After getting the first draft down on paper, the hardest part of screenwriting is having the guts and emotional strength to make huge cuts and rewrites in your script. Whether you know there are problems or you think the... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day: Julie Gray

Good feedback is kind, thorough and timely. It’s professional and focused. It leaves the writer feeling challenged to do better but great about their strengths. Even if that just means the location they chose was cool. Give your feedback relative to the skill set of the writer. Never lie or obfuscate. Just serve it up gently. An upset writer isn’t going to hear your points anyway. But an encouraged one will. Trust me on this.

Quote of the Day: Julie Gray

Writers awaiting feedback are in a very vulnerable position. Yes, yes, we have to have thick skin but writers are sensitive, let’s face it. This is not a new toilet we have installed; our stories are our hearts.

A Few Reasons to Give Script Consultants a Shot

I'm trying a script consultant this month for the first time ever. I'll let you know how the experience goes, but in the meantime, here is an article (written by the service I'm trying -- Script A Wish) outlining some reasons why you might want to consider using a reputable script consultant as well.

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