Why Your Protagonist MUST Keep Moving

by Eric Edson (The Story Solution) When you sit down to write a movie, sometimes you’ve got so many great characters running around in your head – all doing terrific stuff while you chase after them to get it written – that it’s easy to lose track of one particular character you should maybe keep... Continue Reading →

Character Types: All of Them

Jerry Flattum of Script Magazine recently put together a great resource of all the different character types you can turn to create your next super villain or misunderstood heroine.

Quote of the Day: Herbert Mankiewicz

In a novel a hero can lay ten girls and marry a virgin for a finish. In a movie this is not allowed. The hero, as well as the heroine, has to be a virgin. The villain can lay anybody he wants, have as much fun as he wants cheating and stealing, getting rich and whipping the servants. But you have to shoot him in the end.

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