A QUIET PLACE: 6 Story Lessons that Apply to Every Genre

This article originally appeared on Medium. It is reprinted here with permission. by Angela Bourassa (@angelabourassa1) Fair warning: there are spoilers ahead. I never go see horror movies. Never. I wait until they’re available to buy or stream, and then — only if I’m incredibly intrigued by the concept — will I watch a horror movie in the middle of the afternoon... Continue Reading →

Vampires, Sharks and Zombies, Oh My!

by Shant Yegparian (@shantyegparian) Ever since George Romero's classic zombie films such as Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, Spielberg's Jaws, and even Hollywood's golden age with multiple tales of Nosferatu, we've seen filmmakers pull inspiration from these classics. What's great about monster films is that audiences already know the legends... Continue Reading →

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