4 Different Approaches to Pitching

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Most writers don’t enjoy the luxury of having top talent attached to their project when pitching. We have to rely on other strengths. While there is certain content that every pitch should have, discussed in other articles on this site, writers still must choose where to lean in when pitching. Where you... Continue Reading →

How to Develop a Great Character in 7 Days

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) It’s easy to become impatient when writing a script. Many of us type FADE IN on the first day we have an idea for a story. Granted, there are some writers who actually work successfully that way. But for most of us, writing is a slow, painful process that requires a lot... Continue Reading →

3 Simple Steps to a Better Logline

by Angela Bourassa As head judge of the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition, I read a lot of loglines. Like, a LOT a lot. And I always come across the same problems. There are the loglines that are way too long, the loglines with typos (it’s just one sentence, people – proofread it), the loglines that... Continue Reading →

26 Steps to Crafting A Spec Screenplay – Part I

by Fin Wheeler Made a New Year’s resolution to get more serious about the way you write? Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting a spec screenplay like a professional. Step 1: Idea On every paid gig you’ll have to write from someone else’s idea. So, when it comes to your original projects, don’t waste your precious spec-writing... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Compelling Logline

Noam Kroll of IndieWire recently wrote an excellent article on the art of writing a logline. The logline is a one to two sentence description of your film that you will use to pitch your story idea to agents, managers, and producers. The logline is also an essential tool in developing your story. Here's what... Continue Reading →

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