6 Steps to Better Linear Storytelling

by Fin Wheeler Last week, Fin told us the truth about non-linear storytelling. This week, Fin expands on that idea with six steps to improve screenplay structure with better linear storytelling. 1. Read complex classic literature When you’ve read a few well-known classics, you realize that story is story; it always has been and always... Continue Reading →

Nine Clocks For Your Hero to Race Against

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Conflict is a necessity in good storytelling. One of the strongest ways you can increase the conflict in your story is to compress time. There’s perhaps no greater thrill for an audience than watching a character race against a merciless clock. Here are nine clocks to challenge your hero with. 1. THE... Continue Reading →

7 Screenwriting Paradigms

Dave Herman has written a useful article about some of the most commonly used screenwriting paradigms (e.g. Blake Snyder's 15 beats, three act structure) and how they can both help and hinder writers.

Because Robert McKee Said So: Notes from the Master

I recently participated in a free teleconference put on by the ISA with the legend himself, Robert McKee. Robert had a proliferation of valuable advice to dispense over the hour-long Q&A session, and I did my best to take notes on what I found to be his most interesting points.

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