Road Trip: 4 Roads For Your Protagonist to Take

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) This summer we’re seeing the resurgence of the road trip movie -- not that it’s ever really disappeared. We’re traveling Fury Road with Mad Max. We’re hitting the open road and heading back to Wally World in Vacation. Even ladies like Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara have taken to the road in... Continue Reading →

Impossible Goals, Impossible Obstacles

  Editors Note: This article was originally posted on the ScriptFest Blog. It is reproduced here with permission. By Signe Olynyk (@Screenwriter12) CAUTION – SPOILERS AHEAD (For the movies Life of Pi, Blackhawk Down, Despicable Me, and Wild) Adrift in a raft with a hungry tiger.  Surviving in a downed helicopter in the middle of a... Continue Reading →

Spec or Pilot? Are the Odds Better in Film or TV?

by Fiona Wheeler Every screenwriter, no matter what stage in their career, has only a limited amount of time and energy they can devote to their original projects. Staff writers eat, sleep, and breathe the current show. Screenwriters working in features are juggling all the rewrite jobs they can handle. Those with other full-time work... Continue Reading →

4 Horror Archetypes That Work in Any Genre

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Unless you work in the genre, screenwriters often ignore horror films. This can be to our own demise, as there are many powerful themes, tropes, and archetypes used in these films that transcend stories of horror and suspense. Here are some of the archetypes found in horror scripts that can be used... Continue Reading →

The 6 Most Common Logline Mistakes

by Angela Bourassa We’re in the midst of our fourth monthly Logline Competition, and I feel like I’ve already seen just about every type of logline imaginable. There have been some amazing submissions – high concept ideas presented with clear sentence structure and compelling language – but there have been a lot more submissions riddled with... Continue Reading →

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