Consultant Corner: Lee Jessup on Your Screenwriting Career

by Angela Bourassa (@angelabourassa1) This week, we're re-running a 2015 interview with screenwriting career coach Lee Jessup. Lee is part of EIACE, a new non-profit organization of the industry's most respected screenwriting consultants.  This evening, EIACE is kicking off a webinar series. LA Screenwriter readers can get $10 off tonight's webinar featuring Will Akers, Steve Kaplan, Carole Kirschner,... Continue Reading →

15 FAQs from Rookie Screenwriters

by Fin Wheeler 1. Can I get rich quick? Seen a million dollar spec sale splashed across the news? Walked out of a mega budget movie and thought you could do a better job than those well-paid writers? You can’t watch a one hour TV drama about lawyers and start defending high-paying clients the next... Continue Reading →

Never Give Up: Advice From A Writer Who’s Been There

  by Carole A. Parker (@getcarrielove) [Editor's Note: This guest post is contributed by Carole Parker, an industry vet with years of experience writing for successful and not-so-successful film and TV projects. Learn more about Carole at her website,] It’s taken me eighteen years writing screenplays to get to the point where I am now. ... Continue Reading →

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