Story Poker: 4 Ways A Character Can Bluff

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Are you a good liar? Do you avoid card games? Afraid your face will betray your hand? Just as we occasionally try to conceal the truth about ourselves, our characters often must do the same. Sometimes, our secrets are terrible, or at the very least embarrassing. Other times, we hide an ability... Continue Reading →

Form, Structure, Formula.

by Fin Wheeler Even the most experimental, non-linear screenplay has structure. No screenwriter simply types a hundred one-page scenes and then throws them up in the air in front of the reader. We order our scenes, and there’s (hopefully) meticulous reasoning behind the choices we make. The reader/viewer is given information in the first scene,... Continue Reading →

Feedback and the Rings of Development

by Fin Wheeler While screenwriters must be open to taking any and all feedback, we should be very judicious in deciding which comments to employ. Feedback on Staffed TV For a staff writer on a successful, long-running show, the feedback process is clear cut. You write your script, your head writer gets notes from the... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Break the Fourth Wall

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) For good reason, writers in the early stages of their development are encouraged not to use voice over in their scripts. One of the key reasons even seasoned writers are weary of doing so is that it breaks the fourth wall between the audience and the performers. However, it’s undeniable that some of... Continue Reading →

To Outline or Not to Outline…

by Fin Wheeler What’s an outline? Why should you write one? And how will it save you time? First comes the basic development: your premise and characters, your story and the plot of your spec. The next step is to beat out your story. You should end up with a list of all the significant plot... Continue Reading →

Joss Whedon Thinks There Is No Bad Feedback

by Fin Wheeler Screenplays aren’t static, they’re a fluid thing. They change from draft to draft. An ability to rewrite and to listen to, take, and incorporate feedback is what separates professional screenwriters from the rest. In an interview, Joss Whedon was asked about feedback and whether a screenwriter should change things just because the... Continue Reading →

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