3 Ways to Find Your Family of Stories

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Ask any story guru, and they will tell you that very few writers ever develop the skills to master multiple genres. In recent years, however, finding your storytelling niche has become trickier as the traditional genres such as drama, comedy, and horror are often combined into hybrids with other genres to create entirely new... Continue Reading →

BEN-HUR: From the Page to the Screen

A conversation with the director and cast of the film on practical effects, strong voices, and the power of forgiveness. by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) In 1960, Ben-Hur swept the Academy Awards, taking home Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Picture prizes, just to name a few. Adapting existing source material is challenging, regardless of any other... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Encounter “The Other” in Your Story

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Some of the most impactful themes in film and television revolve around an encounter with “The Other.” Often representing something else than what is obvious on screen, “Others” are what we fear, what we are curious about, and what we long to understand. When “The Other” is the protagonist, our story often... Continue Reading →

3 Greek Myths That Will Improve Your Writing

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Many writers realize later in life that they should have paid more attention in high school. One of the most significant subjects you might have slept through was Greek mythology. Knowing the classic tales that have undergirded Western culture is actually one of the most powerful tools a writer can have in... Continue Reading →

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