Screenwriter Profile: Nora Ephron

The Writer:

Nora Ephron was the undisputed queen of the romantic comedy. Often writing in teams, Ephron earned an Oscar nod and a place in film history for her script When Harry Met Sally. Other classics she turned out included You’ve Got Mail, Julie & Julia, and Sleepless in Seattle. Beyond her screenwriting achievements, Ephron also directed, produced, published a novel, and a book of essays.


Julie & Julia (screenplay)  – 2009

Bewitched (written by)  – 2005

Hanging Up (screenplay)  – 2000

You’ve Got Mail (screenplay)  – 1998

Michael (screenplay)  – 1996

Mixed Nuts (screenplay)  – 1994

Sleepless in Seattle (screenplay)  – 1993

This Is My Life (screenplay)  – 1992

My Blue Heaven (written by)  – 1990

When Harry Met Sally (written by)  – 1989

Cookie (written by)  – 1989

Heartburn (novel / screenplay)  – 1986

Silkwood (written by)  – 1983

Perfect Gentlemen (TV movie) – 1978


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Most of us live our lives devoid of cinematic moments.

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