Film School: Is It Worth It?

Jeanne Veillette Bowerman has written a new article for Script Magazine regarding the pros and cons of film school. Take a look at what she has to say before deciding whether or not film school is worth it:

If you enjoy debate, not many questions ignite more argument than whether or not an aspiring filmmaker should attend film school. I’ve observed the film school question from a number of angles; I was a film student at Florida State University, I’ve taught film at Quinnipiac University, and I’ve worked with filmmakers who are both film school and non-film school grads. I know the benefits of attending film school, but I also see how the film business is changing. There’s a few different tracks for future filmmakers now, and you might be surprised how accessible they are.

For this article, let’s assume you have the money to go to any college you want. (I know you don’t. These days, no one does. But don’t worry. I’ll get to the financial part of this in a little bit.)

Now that everyone’s rich, you can look at any school and analyze their offerings on an equal playing field. Here’s the first of my observations on college preparing someone for a film career: the way the business currently is, there are skills filmmakers need that go far beyond those learned in filmmaking classes. True, you need to learn about screenwriting, camera work and editing, but there are many other skills that correspond to above-the-line jobs. So you want to find a school that can teach you all these skills.

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