The Writers Guild Foundation Library: A Writer’s Mecca

CaptureI regularly get emails from readers hoping that I have some obscure script or another in my personal collection. I almost never do. But thankfully there is a much better resource available to LA residents than my bookshelf.

The Writers Guild Foundation Shavelson-Webb Library is open to the public — you don’t have to be a WGA member to use it — and it has over 25,000 scripts and screenwriting resources on its shelves. The library’s hours aren’t exactly ideal for anyone who works a nine to five, but if you have a flexible schedule and live in or near LA, you should definitely check out the amazing collection of scripts found here.

According to the website:

Our mission is to collect scripts, preserve them, and make them available to everyone who comes to visit – not just Writers Guild members. We provide wireless internet and a quiet place for writers to work.

Most of our collection consists of produced film, television, radio and video game scripts– many of which have received major writing awards (WGA, Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, etc). We also collect books, periodicals, DVDs, videos, and other materials on the history, biography, art, craft and business of writing for entertainment media.

The collection includes:

  • 16,000 produced television scripts
  • 4,000 produced film scripts
  • 760 radio scripts
  • 100 new media and video game scripts
  • 2,700 books on writing, writers, and the entertainment industry
  • 5,600 taped programs, events, seminars, and interviews

The library provides reference help on topics such as:

  • Writers’ credits and biographies
  • History of writers in Hollywood
  • Major industry writing awards
  • WGA history
  • Books and magazines on film and television writing
  • Locating scripts in other collections
  • Getting an agent
  • Research strategies, copyright basics, and matters related to creative and business aspects of writing (See the library’s FAQ)

Basically, its a writer’s mecca. Plan your visit today:

Writers Guild Foundation Shavelson-Webb Library
7000 W. Third St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Library Hours:
M: Closed
T: 11am to 6pm
W: 11am to 6pm
T: 11am to 8pm
F: 11am to 6pm
S: 11am to 6pm

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