What a Great Logline Looks Like: November Edition

The November Logline Competition results are in. Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


Our winner is Nicola Ralph with her logline for SUBSISTENCE, a sci-fi:

“Desperately searching for his wife and infant son, an emotionally scarred veteran must evade the aliens hunting those left behind after the population of Chicago vanishes.”

Nicola is our first two-time winner! We love this logline because it’s full of drama, very tight, and engaging from the first word to the last.

About Nicola (@NicolaRalph1 – ralph.nicola@yahoo.co.uk)

Nicola Ralph is UK screenwriter of Sci-Fi/Horror. She was a 2015 Quarter Finalist in the Screen Craft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest and a Finalist in the New York Screenplay Contest — a contest in which she reached the finals three times with different screenplays, including Subsistence.


First up, we have Sean Flaherty with his logline for FORTUNATE SON, an action/adventure:

“Lured to Colombia by the promise of an inheritance, a volatile activist searches for answers about his long-lost father only to find himself prey to the vengeful drug lord his father betrayed.”

We love this logline because it has great structural balance and packs in a complete sense of the story without feeling overly complex. And it’s a cool story!

About Sean (sflaherty@conejousd.org)

A former resident of Cartagena, Colombia, Sean Flaherty has an MFA in screenwriting from Cal State Northridge.

Next, we have Ellen Waitt with her logline for MRS. CLAUS, a comedy:

“Miserable at the thought of icing cookies and wrangling reindeer for another decade, an undervalued Mrs. Claus defies tradition by running against her unopposed husband in a Santa election year.”

This logline is a ton of fun, a unique take on familiar characters, and incredibly high concept. An idea like this could be the next Elf.

About Ellen (@EllenWaitt – EllenMarieWaitt@gmail.com )

Ellen Waitt is a screenwriter from New Jersey focused on writing stronger roles for women and breaking down barriers in Hollywood with her words.


The December Logline Competition is now open! Get those loglines in for detailed feedback and a chance at great prizes.

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