Screenwriter Profile: Katie Dippold

Katie Dippold, feature

The Writer:

Katie Dippold is one of the top comedy writers of the day. She started out as a staff writer for Mad TV, and now she’s the scribe behind the highly-anticipated all-female Ghostbusters reboot, along with director Paul Feig. She also wrote seven episodes on one of our all-time favorite shows, Parks and Recreation. In short, she’s a badass.


The Heat 2 (written by) – announced

Ghostbusters (written by) (post-production) – 2016

The Heat (written by) – 2013

Parks and Recreation (TV Series) (written by – 7 episodes) – 2009-2012

MADtv (TV Series) (writer – 54 episodes) – 2006-2009


Parks and Recreation was extremely female friendly – I was writing for a female lead and there’s four women on staff at a time. Plus all the men were feminist and women supporters. And then with The Heat, Paul Feig is also female friendly – so my experiences have been very fortunate. I just try to be as proactive as I can. If I start feeling like it’s harder for females, that just lights a fire under me to work harder on a script to make it as good as I possibly can and therefore make it harder to turn down. For instance, I always wished there would be a buddy cop movie with women…so I decided I had to be the one to write it!

I was a huge fan of Bridesmaids. I remember seeing it at the cinema and just laughing so hard. To have a movie written by those women and starring Kristen Wiig delivers comedy from a point of view I haven’t heard in a while. There are so many jokes in Bridesmaids that I feel come from a woman’s experience. Like the opening scene, when she puts make-up on and crawls back into bed like she woke up like that – I just thought that was so refreshing.

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