A Closer Look at Untitled: A New Note Taking App for Screenwriters

by Angela Bourassa (@angelabourassa1)

There are plenty of note taking apps that writers can use to jot down thoughts, snippets of conversation, and big ideas that occur throughout the day. But there are very few note taking apps designed specifically for screenwriters.

It’s founders describe Untitled as “Evernote for screenwriting.” I recently spoke to co-founder Stephen M. Levinson to learn a bit more about what makes Untitled a useful tool for writers.

Angela Bourassa: Can you explain why Untitled is a better note taking app for screenwriters than general note apps?

Stephen M. Levinson: Untitled’s core user experience is built around Editing and Previewing. Editing is where you write your notes, and Previewing is where your notes get previewed into scenes. The app was built to identify very specific elements that would only be found in screenplays, in order to convert them to scenes in the Preview window. In addition to adding fountain.io, which can be best described as a markdown for screenwriting, we’ve built our own custom library that focuses more on note taking than just purely screenwriting.

Angela Bourassa: What are some of the other screenwriter-specific features?

Stephen M. Levinson: While Untitled can be used to write an entire screenplay, the focus for us is really about the main user experience. Screenwriting software can be overly complicated, when all screenwriters want to do is just write. We use a beautiful and highly legible customized font that is easier on the eyes than Courier when writing. For Previewing, Courier is right there.

Another of our core experiences is Focus Mode. It’s a little eyeball at the top of the screen that, when tapped, hides the navigation bar as well as the keyboard tools bar. By default we hide the status bar to give writers as much room as possible. Focus Mode takes it to the next level, leaving writers with a blank page and a cursor. With our beautiful font and Focus Mode, we’ve created an environment where writers can get lost in their imagination, instead of the app.

Angela Bourassa: One struggle with note taking is keeping thoughts organized so you can find them again when you need them. How does Untitled address this problem for writers?

Stephen M. Levinson: We’re constantly looking to improve the organizational experience within the app, which is why the most recently opened scripts appear at the top. When you re-open the app, you’re immediately brought to the latest note you were writing, so you can quickly add new ideas.

Angela Bourassa: Can notes be exported to screenwriting programs?

Stephen M. Levinson: Untitled can share notes to all screenwriting apps with a simple .TXT. Untitled is for everything you might need before starting your first draft. It’s a great tool to use in combination with your favorite screenwriting app.

Angela Bourassa: What are some features you’re hoping to add in the future?

Stephen M. Levinson: We’re currently looking at our road map for the year, but as we move towards new features or platforms, we’re really interested in what screenwriters need. A Google Docs-like dual editing feature is a great suggestion, as well as other platforms (such as Android). We have to see how and what our users request in order to determine what we should build. For us, feedback is the most important “feature” that will help define where we’ll take Untitled. We welcome any and all feedback and are extremely excited to help screenwriters organize and outline their best screenplays.

Untitled is currently available on the iPad for $9.99.


Angela Bourassa is the founder and Editor in Chief of LA Screenwriter.

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