What a Great Logline Looks Like: June 2017 Edition

The JuneĀ Logline CompetitionĀ results are in! Check out these great examples ofĀ how to write a logline:


Our winner isĀ Meg LeaderĀ with her logline forĀ JOAN,Ā a sci-fi:

“After a head injury, a heartless corporate mercenary fighting on a colony world starts to hear the voice of the nativesā€™ god, and she transforms into an idealistic insurgent determined to liberate this remote planet.”

We love the parallels to the classic Joan of Arc story, the strong female lead, and the timely sci-fi backdrop. There is a lot of depth packed into this simple logline.

About MegĀ (meg@megleader.comĀ ā€“ LinkedIn)

After publishing a half-dozen novels and another half-dozen nonfiction books, Meg Leader got the screenwriting bug. She completed Screenwriting Uā€™s 18-month Master Screenwriter program earlier this year, along with a boatload of other courses on writing everything from horror, comedy, TV drama, and thrillers to profound ā€œmessageā€ scripts. Meg has won one major contestā€™s sci-fi category and placed in a few others. Formerly, Meg was a project manager/senior computer scientist for Arcane-and-Evil Projects for the military. Her specialty was neural networks and AI. She even holds threeā€”count ā€˜em!ā€”patents in esoteric things no one, not even she, understands.


First, we haveĀ Charles Bensinger with his logline forĀ BEYOND FIRE, a sci-fi:

“Upon escaping from Area 51, a brazen human/alien hybrid hurries to release an interstellar clean energy system to the masses beforeĀ alien and corporate enemies hunt him down.”

This story uses classic sci-fi elements, but combines them in a unique, exciting way. This main character has great potential to become an iconic sci-fi hero.

AboutĀ CharlesĀ (peopleofthechange.comĀ ā€“ Facebook)

Charles Bensinger is an educator and storyteller who has expressed his often radical and transformative visions for a better world through photography, video, college curriculum design, ten published fiction and non-fiction books and high-action screenplays. His subjects include science and technology, mythology, popular culture, climate change, politics, evolution and revolution, and ā€“ most recently ā€“ practical alternatives to global apocalypse. He believes that the time is now for caring media-makers to create wise, realistic, and life-affirming stories to help humanity cope with a most challenge future. Charles presently resides near Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Next, we haveĀ Malayeshia HubbardĀ with her logline forĀ FAVORITE PERSON, a romantic dramedy:

ā€œUnemployed after a failed suicide attempt, a hollow woman struggles to regain her old life, but a meddling one night stand shows her what it might be like to start over.ā€

This is a great example of a simple, low-budget story that has the potential for huge emotional impact and unique characters and twists.

AboutĀ MalayeshiaĀ (malayeshiah@gmail.comĀ ā€“ @malayeshiaah)

Malayeshia Hubbard is a writer and college student from Charleston, South Carolina. Although she has a penchant for writing poetry, she likes the challenge that comes from writing full-length works of both screenplays and stage plays. Malayeshia credits the cast of the Twilight Saga for her latent interest in film at the ripe old age of 12.


The June Logline Competition is now open! We have wonderful prizes from Script Pipeline, Virtual Pitchfest, WeScreenplay, The Hollywood Pitching Bible, and Talentville. Get yourĀ loglines in for detailed feedback and a chance at great prizes.

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