What a Great Logline Looks Like: July 2017 Edition

The July Logline Competition results are in! Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


Our winner is Matthew Barker with his logline for ASSASSIN QUEEN, an action adventure:

“Elizabeth I, warrior queen and deadly assassin, plots to murder her former lover — the new king of France — before he can send his undead army to England for her head.”

This story is bold, exciting, and a lot of fun. It’s easy to imagine this as a big summer blockbuster that attracts all sorts of audiences. And we love how compact this logline is — so clear and direct!

About Matthew (matthew@matthewbarker.com.au – matthewbarker.com.au  – Facebook – Twitter)

Matthew Barker is an Australian screenwriter with feature and television projects in development.  Since winning the Australian Writers’ Guild’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” national screenwriting competition for his feature script OUT OF NOWHERE, he has had other scripts place well in international competitions and programs, including being shortlisted the Australians in Film GatewayLA Screenplay Program 2015 for the script TROY TOWN.  That script was a quarter- and semi-finalist in The Blood List’s 2014 New Blood Screenwriting Contest, shortlisted in Stage32’s 2015 Happy Writers Screenplay Contest, and also shortlisted in the 2015 Spotlight Screenplay Contest.  Matthew is currently working on new scripts and pitching completed ones internationally.


First, we have Malayeshia Hubbard with her logline for THE MOURNING AFTER, a dark comedy:

“Two bored suburbanite neighbors in an ongoing affair scramble to come up with an alibi that won’t lead to divorce for one and jail time for the other following the accidental murder of the woman’s husband.”

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. It’s so simple, and yet it feels original. The opportunities for great dark comedy are clear. Plus, you’ve got to love that title.

About Malayeshia (malayeshiah@gmail.com – @malayeshiaah)

Malayeshia Hubbard is a writer and college student from Charleston, South Carolina. Although she has a penchant for writing poetry, she likes the challenge that comes from writing full-length works of both screenplays and stage plays. Malayeshia credits the cast of the Twilight Saga for her latent interest in film at the ripe old age of 12.

Next, we have Jacob Appel with his logline for MISSING, an anthology series:

“Recently released from prison after getting his murder conviction overturned, a struggling and highly aggressive LA detective finally lands a missing persons case: the lawyer who prosecuted him.”

We love how simple and high concept this story is. It feels timely, and it’s easy to imagine a big audience for a show like this.

About Jacob (jacobappel26@aol.com)

Jacob Appel is a high school student who is passionate about writing for TV. He hopes to one day get a job as a TV writer on an existing show and eventually create his own show. Jacob’s favorite subjects are English and history, because he likes to improve his writing, and history always has some good stories.


The June Logline Competition is now open! We have wonderful prizes from Script Pipeline, Virtual Pitchfest, WeScreenplay, The Hollywood Pitching Bible, and Talentville. Get your loglines in for detailed feedback and a chance at great prizes.

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