A Conversation with Duncan Falconer, Writer of STRATTON 

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher)

Duncan Falconer wrote the novel series that the film, Stratton, is based upon.  Falconer spent his formative years in the British Royal Marines before being selected to serve as a commando in the Special Boat Service. Directed by Simon West (The Expendables 2, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) and starring Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger, Need for Speed), and Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman, Gladiator)​, the film tells the story of a Special Boat Service operative for MI6 named Stratton, and a Soviet operative named Barovski, who has gone rogue.  Thought to be dead for the last 20 years, it is believed Barovski has plans to take revenge on his former paymasters by using stolen chemical weapons. Stratton and his team race against time to stop the unimaginable from happening.

LA Screenwriter’s John Bucher spoke with Falconer about his experiences and the film based on his stories.

John Bucher:  How much of the plot of the film originates with your time in the British Royal Marines?

Duncan Falconer: The original film plot is based on my book THE HOSTAGE which is very much based on what I used to do while I was attached to British Military Intelligence as an undercover operative.

John Bucher: How much of the actual character, Stratton, is based on you? Was there a real-life Marty in your journey?

Duncan Falconer: I like to base my characters on real people, mainly because it helps to keep track of their characteristics and responses while they engage with other characters. It’s true I have fashioned many of Stratton’s characteristics on my own in order to keep track of what he might do when and where, but I was never half as fabulous as he is.

John Bucher: Were there elements from your life experiences that had to be modified in order to better tell the story?

Duncan Falconer: Stratton might be more magnanimous, fair, and proper compared to myself. That may change over time as I harden his character in future stories.

John Bucher: Many in our audience are writers themselves. Can you talk about your writing process? Do you spend a lot of time in research? Are you a morning or afternoon writer?

Duncan Falconer: I do get most of my stories from real life. And as far as plots and operational solutions are concerned, since that used to be my business I can pull them out of the news. Operational planning was something I would be involved in and so I simply write the solutions as I see them and employ the assets that are available to special forces and intelligence services. I like to write as soon as I get up in the morning but I can also be found in the evening bashing away at my laptop.

Stratton is currently in theaters and On Demand.

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