A Free 2020 Writing Tracker, Just for You

I’ve been posting these free, one page, printable writing trackers (which you’ll find at the bottom of this article) for the last four or five years, but 2019 was the first year that I really used it. Usually, I’d start with it on my wall and would try to set reasonable goals, but then a long writing gap would crop up, and the tracker would fall by the wayside.

Not this year.

In 2019 I stuck to my goal of writing a little bit — no set amount, just something — every day, and it turned out to be my most productive and successful writing year yet.

This year, I wrote a preschool show spec, a draft of a children’s book, a pilot, three features, and I’m hoping to finish one more feature by the end of the year. One of my scripts made the finals at Austin, another won the sci-fi category at PAGE, and I landed my very first manager this October.

Now, I’m not saying that tracking your writing automatically leads to success. But tracking your writing does give you accountability, even if just to yourself, and the small pleasure of exing out the day can be extremely motivating.

Here’s a peak at my 2019 writing tracker (do me a favor and don’t study it too closely):

I designed this writing tracker to be as flexible as possible so you can use it however works best for you and your writing goals. What I did in 2019 (and will do again this year) was use the space on the left to list monthly goals at the start of each new month. On the lines in the middle, I listed the contest deadlines I cared about and the price points for each deadline. Later in the year, in parentheses, I listed when each contest said they’d make announcements (to help avoid the wasted time of going back to the contest websites again and again to remind myself of those dates). And on the right, I put a red dot on every day that I wrote. At the bottom, I listed all the contests I entered.

I didn’t achieve every monthly goal — far from it — but having targets helped keep me on track. I hope this 2020 writing tracker does the same for you!

Download the 2020 Writing Tracker.

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