Writer Jon Adler Talks DEAD SOUND, Based On A True Story

by Ashley Scott Meyers

This week I talk with writer/producer Jon Adler. Jon’s first feature is the thriller Dead Sound (2018) which is based on a horrific true story he and his friends endured.

He goes into detail about the real events and how they made that vision into a movie.

You can listen to the audio portion of the podcast by clicking here or through iTunes by clicking here.

You can also read a transcript of this episode.

6 thoughts on “Writer Jon Adler Talks DEAD SOUND, Based On A True Story

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  1. I’m just curious- what year did the actual events (as depicted in the movie “Dead Sound”) take place? I live on LI which is local to the location this supposedly took place and never heard about this. Was it in the news?

    1. I have googled a lot of different headings trying to find the truth in these “actual events” and I can’t find anything either. I enjoyed the movie

  2. I live local and I’ve never read anything about this in the news. I tried to Google about it but didn’t find much. I also wonder what year this supposed to have happened?

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