What a Great Logline Looks Like: February Edition

The February Logline Competition results are in. The caliber of submissions stepped up a level this month, and we're very excited about the top loglines. Check out these great examples of how to write a logline: THE WINNER This month’s winner was Colin Costello with his logline for TAGGED, a horror: “The popular teen daughter of a disgraced Georgia sheriff must stop... Continue Reading →

Win a Pass to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference

The Toronto Screenwriting Conference (TSC) is a two­ day weekend event, scheduled April 11/12, which gathers together the best creative talent, authors and speakers in writing for film, television and media in Canada and the United States. The TSC offers screen­based industry professionals an advanced level of education and skills development unparalleled by any other... Continue Reading →

The Six Cs of a Professional Logline

by Angela Bourassa Contrary to popular belief, screenwriting is one of the most complex forms of writing. The task of the screenwriter is to write a script so good that a handful of people will invest real money in it, hundreds of people will dedicate months of their lives to it, and thousands -- maybe... Continue Reading →

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