The October Logline Competition is Now Open!

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by Angela Bourassa

We’re happy announce that the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition is back from its summer break! We’re now accepting entries for the October competition.

What is this Logline Competition, you ask?

The Logline Competition is your chance to submit a logline for a script you’re working on, thinking about, or have already completed. Get detailed feedback both on the strength of your idea and the structure of your logline, all for less than $10!

If you’re not so sure what exactly a logline is, there are some great articles here than can help.

We grade loglines on the six Cs. Your logline must be:

  • Clear – The logline is simple to read, easily understood, and grammatically correct.
  • Creative – The idea presented feels unique OR like a fresh take on a common story type.
  • Complete – The logline manages to get across all of the most important elements of the idea (the main character, the world, the problem, the stakes).
  • Concise – The logline is high concept. It doesn’t waste words and is only one sentence long (maybe two, but probably not).
  • Compelling – The logline is attention-grabbing, uses emotionally charged language, and avoids clichés. (By “emotional” words, we mean words that evoke an emotional response in the reader.)
  • Commercial – The idea should draw the attention of producers, investors, or managers. It hits (ideally) all four quadrants.

Learn more about the prizes we have to offer from our sponsors Virtual Pitchfest, Script Pipeline, and Talentville, plus see examples of past winning loglines. You can also check out testimonials of past entrants.

Enter today!

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