Greg DePaul Does the Austin Film Festival

by Greg DePaul (@GregDePaul) I just returned from the Austin Film Festival (the best event for screenwriters in, well, anywhere) where I spoke on panels and chatted up screenwriters both veteran and aspiring. It was a script-tastic whirlwind! If you haven’t done the AFF, it’s totally worthwhile and puts you in great screenwriting company. You... Continue Reading →

So You Wanna Go to Film School…

by Greg DePaul (@GregDePaul) This fall thousands, or I dunno, maybe tens or even hundreds of thousands of aspiring filmmakers will go to film schools across America. Why do they do it? Because they think it’s the path to success in the entertainment industry. And, according to statistics I’ve painstakingly compiled, two of them will... Continue Reading →

5 Things Screenwriters Should Stop Worrying About

by Greg DePaul (@GregDePaul) Screenwriting is hard work. To break in, you’ve got to be super-talented, keep your butt in the seat for longer than the competition, and be seriously lucky. Only when all three elements converge do you stand more than a tiny chance of battling past the gatekeepers and entering Hollywood’s magical dominion... Continue Reading →

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