5 Tips for Writing Documentaries and Non-Fiction Programming

by Ken Aguado (@kaguado) There’s an entire universe of media that’s sometimes overlooked by aspiring screenwriters: writing for documentary films and non-fiction television programming. We’re living in the golden age of documentaries, and there’s never been more opportunity. Every year there are dozens of terrific documentaries released and hundreds of hours of non-fiction television programming –... Continue Reading →

Ken’s Top 10: Tips for Aspiring Screenwriters

by Ken Aguado (@kaguado) Sorry, this article is not about screenwriting. Well, some of it is, but it’s really about familiarizing yourself with some well-known tips about how to become a screenwriter. Talent is only one component of the process. Thomas Edison formulated that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. This article is about that... Continue Reading →

Faith, Film, and Hollywood

An interview with Dave Mechem and Lisa Jean of the faith-based marketing firm, Working Title Agency by Ken Aguado (@kaguado) The faith-based film phenomena kicked into second gear this past fall with the successful release of the Christian film War Room. This low budget indie drama follows on the heels of two other recent Christian... Continue Reading →

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