Favorite Comedies Directed by Women

by Onicia Muller (@OniciaMuller) This summer, movie lovers are looking forward to a comedy directed by Lucia Aniello. In Rough Night, a group of friends are horrified when the male stripper they hire for a wild bachelorette party in Miami winds up dead. The film is described as The Hangover meets Weekend at Bernie’s with stellar... Continue Reading →

13 Screenwriters to Watch This Year

IndieWire's blog The Playlist recently put together a list of 13 screenwriters to watch in 2014. This list is both inspiring and depressing. It's an essential read for people who are writing their first script so that they can start to understand just how much work you have to do before you can be considered... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Defend Your Writing Time

Defending writing time is a challenge that every writer faces. Family, friends, work responsibilities, and miscellaneous crap all seem to take over every spare second that you have. How can you possibly make enough time to write the next great American film? The first trick is figuring out when you write best. Do you like... Continue Reading →

Twelve Reasons to Write Today

Because you have a new idea and it's worth exploring. Because if you don't, you'll never escape the boring 9-5 job you hate. Because you know you have what it takes to get produced/published, but you'll never fully develop your talent without practice. Because you need a bigger portfolio, damn it. Because even if your... Continue Reading →

How Not to Embarrass Yourself During a Pitch

Tim John of Think Hollywood recently shared ten tips that he's learned over his years of pitching to Hollywood execs. His list begins: 1. BE CONFIDENT BUT NEVER COCKY. Never be “Too smart for the room”. But don’t be self-effacing either. Many “El Laysians” just don’t get irony. I once went to a meeting at... Continue Reading →

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