Twelve Reasons to Write Today

  1. Because you have a new idea and it’s worth exploring.

  2. Because if you don’t, you’ll never escape the boring 9-5 job you hate.

  3. Because you know you have what it takes to get produced/published, but you’ll never fully develop your talent without practice.

  4. Because you need a bigger portfolio, damn it.

  5. Because even if your worst fear is right and that idea in your head turns out to be utter shit once you get it down on paper, at least you’ll have gotten that idea out of the way and made room for the next one.

  6. Because it doesn’t matter if your mom thinks you’d be better off going to law school.

  7. Because even though you hate it, you love it.

  8. Because it’s a chance to live a second life, and a third, and a fourth.

  9. Because your jokes are way funnier when you get to rewrite them multiple times.

  10. Because you’ll feel better about yourself than you would if you lost yet another night to Friends reruns.

  11. Because it lets you be an evil super-villain without any consequences.

  12. Because even if your story is as old as the hero’s journey itself, no one’s ever told it with your unique voice, viewpoint, and vision.

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