Screenwriter Profile: Eric Roth

The Writer: Eric Roth got his film degree from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television (he attended at the same time as Jim Morrison), and went on to have an impressive career which continues to this day. His credits include Forrest Gump, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and The Curious Case of Benjamin... Continue Reading →

Screenwriter Profile: David Peoples

The Writer: David Webb Peoples is the writer behind three of my favorite films of all time: Blade Runner, 12 Monkeys, and Unforgiven. His resume is on the short side compared to some, but his scripts are absolute masterpieces. Blade Runner is considered one of the best sci-fi films of all time, and Unforgiven is... Continue Reading →

Screenwriter Profile: Harold Ramis

The Writer: Harold Ramis passed away a few days ago, and the world got a little less funny. You probably remember Ramis as one of the Ghostbusters, but you may not know that Ramis co-wrote the Ghostbusters script in addition to many of the most iconic comedies of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Ramis was... Continue Reading →

Screenwriter Profile: Emma Thompson

The Writer: Emma Thompson is usually thought of primarily as an actress, but she is also one of the most successful female screenwriters out there. In fact, she's the only person (not just woman) to have won an Oscar for both acting and screenwriting. She's one of only 8 women in the history of the... Continue Reading →

Screenwriter Profile: Stanley Kubrick

The Writer: Stanley Kubrick is widely considered one of the best writers and directors of all time and is particularly respected for his ability to master an obscenely wide range of film genres. His films range from suspense (The Shining) to science fiction (2001: A Space Odyssey) to comedy (Dr. Strangelove). James Cameron has said... Continue Reading →

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