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William Goldman gave a great interview in which he talks about how little talent he had as a young writer trying to sell short stories. He was rejected countless times and had to take other kinds of work along the way, but his persistence paid off when he started writing scripts and became one of Hollywood’s most successful screenwriters of all time. He is the creative force behind such films as The Princess Bride, Maverick, Heat, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


Heat (novel / screenplay) (filming) Р2014

Dreamcatcher (screenplay) Р2003

Hearts in Atlantis (screenplay) Р2001

The General’s Daughter¬†(screenplay) – 1999

Absolute Power (screenplay) Р1997

Fierce Creatures (uncredited) Р1997

The Ghost and the Darkness (written by) Р1996

The Chamber (screenplay) Р1996

Da Vinci (short) (story) Р1996

Maverick (written by) Р1994

Chaplin (screenplay) Р1992

Year of the Comet (written by) Р1992

Memoirs of an Invisible Man (screenplay) Р1992

Misery (screenplay) Р1990

The Princess Bride (book / screenplay) Р1987

Heat (novel / screenplay) Р1986

Butch and Sundance: The Early Days (characters) Р1979

Mr. Horn (TV movie) Р1979

Magic (novel / screenplay) Р1978

A Bridge Too Far (screenplay) Р1977

Marathon Man (novel / screenplay) Р1976

All the President’s Men¬†(screenplay) – 1976

The Great Waldo Pepper (screenplay) Р1975

The Stepford Wives (screenplay) Р1975

The Hot Rock (screenplay) Р1972

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (written by) Р1969

No Way to Treat a Lady (novel) Р1968

Harper (screenplay) Р1966

Masquerade (screenplay) Р1965

Soldier in the Rain (novel) Р1963


Nobody knows anything.

Understand this: all the sleaze you’ve heard about Hollywood? All the illiterate scumbags who scuttle down the corridors of power? They are there, all right, and worse than you can imagine.

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