5 Ways to Fail as a Screenwriter

by Greg DePaul (@GregDePaul) Hollywood is hard enough to break into as a screenwriter. But some of us make it even harder. If you’re one of those self-destructive screenwriters who’s doing everything he or she can to fail, this listicle is for you. Here are five sure-fire, battle-tested, absolutely guaranteed ways to fail as a... Continue Reading →

Screenwriter Profile: Abi Morgan

The Writer: Abi Morgan has had some of the biggest dramatic hits of the last five years with her scripts for Shame, Suffragette, and The Iron Lady. These days, the British writer spends much of her time executive producing River, a UK drama that she created and has written every episode of. She got her start... Continue Reading →

Screenwriter Profile: Katie Dippold

The Writer: Katie Dippold is one of the top comedy writers of the day. She started out as a staff writer for Mad TV, and now she's the scribe behind the highly-anticipated all-female Ghostbusters reboot, along with director Paul Feig. She also wrote seven episodes on one of our all-time favorite shows, Parks and Recreation.... Continue Reading →

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