9 Networking Tips for Introverts

by Angela Bourassa At the recent ScriptFest in Burbank, I had the pleasure of attending Jessica Sitomer's free class on Networking for Introverts. When you get a large group of screenwriters together, a vast majority of them are likely to be introverts, and many of us flocked to Jessica's talk to learn everything we could... Continue Reading →

Spielberg Thinks You Should Read More

by Fiona Wheeler Joseph McBride writes in his screenwriting manual Writing in Pictures, The fragmentation of the TV-watching experience, the influence of the Internet and YouTube, and the effect of our amped-up video culture on feature filmmaking have resulted in a modern style relying more on moment-to-moment sensation than on the traditional pleasures of coherent... Continue Reading →

The 2014 Black List is Here

It's finally here! The 2014 Black List has been published. The list contains the names and ranks of the top 51 unproduced scripts circling around Hollywood this year, as ranked by the industry folks who read them. To everyone who made the list, congratulations! You've accomplished an amazing feat, and we hope to see your... Continue Reading →

A HUGE Collection of Advice from Working Writers

Jordan Zakarin of Buzzfeed went a little crazy and put together a pretty massive collection of advice from some of the most successful writers working in Hollywood today. He asked them all questions about their creative process, developing characters, dialogue, and much more. Go through the treasure trove of insights at Buzzfeed. Here are a... Continue Reading →

14 Working Screenwriters & Their Top Advice

Adam Sternbergh of The New York Times recently put together profiles of fourteen up and coming screenwriters. Each writer shares their top screenwriting tips. Take a look: It’s notable that many of these writers β€” most, in fact β€” also directed their own scripts (Bell, Bujalski, Chandor, Holofcener, Jonze, Linklater, Polley), and several also star... Continue Reading →

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