Screenwriter Profile: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller


The Writers:

You can barely open Variety these days without seeing this duo splashed across the headlines. Over the last few years, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have become incredibly successful in both film and TV as producers, directors, and writers. These guys met when they both attended Dartmouth College, and they have been basically inseparable (at least in terms of credits) ever since.

As of writing, they have six announced producing projects on IMDB. Six! Needless to say, these guys are satisfied to sit back on their successes. Their names are only going to get bigger over the year’s to come.

Writing Credits:

Untitled Animated Spider-Man Project (announced) – 2018

The Lego Movie Sequel (screenplay) – 2018

The Lego Movie (screenplay) – 2014

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (story) – 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (written for the screen by) – 2009

Extreme Movie (written by) – 2008

How I Met Your Mother (TV Series) (written by – 2 episodes) – 2005

Method & Red (TV Series) (1 episode) – 2004

Untitled Phil Hendrie Project (TV Movie) (as Chris Miller) – 2004

Clone High (TV Series) (creator, written by – 4 episodes) – 2002-03

Go Fish (TV Series) (written by – 1 episode) – 2001

Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane (TV Series) (teleplay – 1 episode) – 2000


I was really trying to marry the high and low of art. That’s been something that, to the less obvious extent, I’ve been trying to do ever since with Clone High, with How I Met Your Mother. Especially with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, where we really wanted it to be a really emotionally compelling and very cinematic movie. We also wanted it to be a silly cartoon at the same time. That constant tug-of-war between silly and meaningful is something I’ve always been intrigued by ever since I saw Sleeper. – Chris Miller

This is a dream come true for us, and not the kind of dream where you’re late for work and all your clothes are made of pudding, but the kind of dream where you get to make a film with some of the greatest characters ever, in a film franchise you’ve loved since before you can remember having dreams at all. –Phil Lord

All of everything we’ve ever done has been riding on low expectations. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, a terrible idea. Doing 21 Jump Street as a movie is a terrible idea. The Lego Movie sounds like a terrible idea. If people think this is a good idea, we’re screwed. –Chris Miller

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