10 Tips for Taking a Hollywood Meeting

  by Ken Aguado (@kaguado) & Douglas Eboch (@dougeboch) Taking a meeting in Hollywood can be intimidating, especially if you are new to the business. Like any business, Hollywood has it’s own customs and rituals when it comes to meetings. Here are ten tips to find success in the all-important art of the meeting. 1.... Continue Reading →

9 Networking Tips for Introverts

by Angela Bourassa At the recent ScriptFest in Burbank, I had the pleasure of attending Jessica Sitomer's free class on Networking for Introverts. When you get a large group of screenwriters together, a vast majority of them are likely to be introverts, and many of us flocked to Jessica's talk to learn everything we could... Continue Reading →

How NOT to Write a Character Description

Character descriptions are hard. I've read all sorts of articles on character descriptions, and I've yet to find anyone who's got a finger on what should be included in a solid character description. Ultimately your description should be compelling and memorable, and there's no simple trick for achieving that. As you struggle over the problem... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Defend Your Writing Time

Defending writing time is a challenge that every writer faces. Family, friends, work responsibilities, and miscellaneous crap all seem to take over every spare second that you have. How can you possibly make enough time to write the next great American film? The first trick is figuring out when you write best. Do you like... Continue Reading →

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