Ask LA Screenwriter: Breaking Into TV Writing

We're doing something new over here at LA Screenwriter. If you have any specific questions about screenwriting, the film industry, or life in general, send them to, and I'll do my best to answer. This week's question comes from Kat. She writes: First off, I have to say I just recently stumbled upon your... Continue Reading →

Fall In Love With Your Writing

Perhaps the hardest part of working toward your first script sale is keeping a positive attitude. When you have to go through so many people telling you that your story "isn't for them" or "needs a little work" or worse, that they "didn't get it," it can be horribly difficult to stay positive about your... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Better Female Protagonist

Danny Manus of No Bull Script Consulting recently wrote a great article for Script Magazine about the lack of strong, well-rounded, likeable female characters on the silver screen these days. I highly recommend reading the full article, but here are a few of the highlights: Recently, at the Final Draft Screenwriting Awards, the infamous Nancy Meyers labeled... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Compelling Logline

Noam Kroll of IndieWire recently wrote an excellent article on the art of writing a logline. The logline is a one to two sentence description of your film that you will use to pitch your story idea to agents, managers, and producers. The logline is also an essential tool in developing your story. Here's what... Continue Reading →

30 Screenwriting Sites You Should Follow

Screen Craft has put together a list of 30 Facebook pages that every screenwriter should follow. If you'd rather not have your Facebook page overrun with too many updates, almost all of these Facebook pages also have good old fashioned websites associated with them. (And if you do like Facebook updates, remember to follow us... Continue Reading →

14 Working Screenwriters & Their Top Advice

Adam Sternbergh of The New York Times recently put together profiles of fourteen up and coming screenwriters. Each writer shares their top screenwriting tips. Take a look: It’s notable that many of these writers — most, in fact — also directed their own scripts (Bell, Bujalski, Chandor, Holofcener, Jonze, Linklater, Polley), and several also star... Continue Reading →

10 Rom Com Truisms

Billy Mernit of Living the Romantic Comedy recently compiled a list of 10 romantic comedy truisms with links to his articles supporting and providing advice for each point. If you're working on a rom com, this list is essential reading.

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