Four Seasons of Life to Draw Story From

by John Bucher (@johnkbucher) Some seasons in our life are more exciting than others. Many days come and go without a single notable event. The times that do stand out may be full of joy, great sadness, anxiety-inducing drama, or simple gratitude. When telling stories, we generally want to include a day or term of the... Continue Reading →

Bad Writing Advice from The Worst Muse

My sister recently introduced me to the genius that is @WorstMuse. This friendly muse is full of unhelpful advice that will keep you on your toes, force you to laugh at almost every movie you've seen lately, and laugh at the unfortunate cliches in your own writing. Inspire yourself to break the mold and dig a... Continue Reading →

What’s That Scene Adding to Your Script?

Robert McKee's team recently shared an excerpt from his book about scenes and what they should accomplish. It's excellent advice, though very hard to follow. McKee wrote: “A SCENE is an action through conflict in more or less continuous time and space that turns the value-charged condition of a character’s life on at least one value with... Continue Reading →

The Un-Rules of Screenwriting: Kirsten Smith’s List

We at LA Screenwriter have found that novice screenwriters often struggle with the problem of "the rules," erring either on the side of formula or of complete disregard for structure. With that in mind, we've asked working writers what rules--either flexible or inflexible--guide their writing.

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