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  1. When you purchase logline help, your feedback will be returned within three business days from the time that you complete and submit your initial form. You’ll be given a link to complete this form after you complete your purchase. If you purchased 24-hour rush delivery, you’ll receive your feedback in 24 hours or less.
  2. After you receive your initial feedback, you have ten days (not ten business days) to request a second round of feedback. To do so, simply complete the form that is linked to in your initial feedback. You will receive your second round of feedback within three business days (or within 24 hours if you purchased the 24-hour rush option). If you do not respond within ten days, you will no longer be able to receive a second round of feedback. This measure is to prevent people from asking for additional feedback months or years after the fact.
  3. By submitting a logline, you acknowledge that LA Screenwriter and its affiliates may have explored or plan to explore an idea similar to your idea.  You therefore waive any claim that LA Screenwriter may misappropriate ideas from or portions of submitted loglines. You acknowledge that ideas are not copyright-able.
  4. All loglines and supplementary materials must be submitted in English, and payment must be made in US dollars.
  5. Your loglines, personal information, and supplementary materials will not be shared with anyone without your express permission.
  6. Loglines polished or created by LA Screenwriter are NOT eligible for the LA Screenwriter Logline Competition (if and when we ever decide to bring it back). Likewise, any logline stemming from a project that LA Screenwriter has consulted on is NOT eligible for the competition, even if the submitted logline is completely different from anything LA Screenwriter has worked on with the writer. Writers can enter the Logline Competition with loglines for projects that LA Screenwriter has not consulted on.

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