15 Films to Watch this Halloween

Script Magazine has posted this list of their editors’ top fifteen picks for Halloween horrors. Watch a few this weekend and get inspired to write your next horror script:

The Exorcist

Obviously. If you put anything else as your number-one scary movie, you’re just plain wrong. The Exorcist taps into such universal feelings about children and parents and coming of age; it terrified me when I first saw it as a kid, and now it terrifies me in whole new ways as a parent.


Rosemary’s Baby

Every time I go to a doctor … or take my car to a mechanic … or drop my computer at the fix-it store, I wonder: How do I know I can really trust these people? I mean, they could just tell me whatever they want about things that are valuable to me — I need to take these pills, fix this drive, pay them that — and I’d believe them. Rosemary’s Baby does an amazing job of capitalizing on how we trust those closest to us — our spouse, our doctors, our friends and neighbors — especially regarding matters that are most important, like our unborn children.


Open Water

I’m not a big fan of the ocean. Sometimes I look off the Santa Monica Pier at night and think, “Man — if you were floating just a few miles out there, it’d be nothing but black above you, black below you, black all around … and no one would even know you were there.” Yes, Open Water has sharks, but the real monsters are the hopelessness and desperation the couple feels. I’ve seen this movie once, and I have no desire to watch it again any time soon.

See the full list here. 

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