How to Be a Writer: Do it Every Day

No, I’m not talking about sex. Though if you’re lucky enough to be getting that much sex, it probably won’t hurt your creative expression.

But no, I’m talking about writing — you have to write every day. Billy Mernit recently posted an article on this all important habit of professional writers. I’ll admit it’s not a habit I’ve acquired just yet, but I’m working toward it.

Mernit starts his article with a Woody Allen quote: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” He continues:

How to become a writer?  Someone who not only starts projects but finishes them?  Someone who’s always learning the craft and getting better at it?  A for-real, do-it-for-a-living, legitimately call-yourself-a-writer?

The answer’s so obvious, so hiding in plain sight, that I feel silly going on about it, so I’ll try to make this brief.  I can give you the whole thing in four words:

Do it every day.

You know I love romance as well as (well, probably more than) the next guy, but there’s one romantic notion I would dearly love to explode, and that’s The Romance of Inspiration.   We’ve all got a touch of it, this fantasy of being touched by the muse, bolted from the blue, stealing the fire from the gods and blazing with it through the pages, and sure, such shit happens.  But waiting around to be struck by lightning is a high risk, sucker’s odds game.  No, the true path to being a successful writer, in every sense, is very simple and pedestrian:

Do it every day.

Read more here.

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