Conquer Writer’s Block: Watch a Movie

A good friend over at Treasure LA shared this ridiculous article with me. In it, Kathy Benjamin offers up seven film examples of how to deal with writer’s block. (Warning: Don’t try these at home. Just watch the movies.) She writes:

I couldn’t come up with an idea for today’s article. Fortunately, screenwriters have proven time and time again that it is perfectly acceptable to use writer’s block as your subject if that is the thing that finally gets you writing. So we end up with an inordinate amount of movies whose main characters just want to finish their books or screenplays. Here are the lessons to take from seven of them.

Lost_Weekend 3.jpg

The Lost Weekend (1945)

Problem: Even before finishing his writing degree at Cornell, Don Birnam was convinced he was the next Hemingway. So he dropped out of school, like you do. Eventually he realizes that he is in fact not the next big thing and hello writer’s block.

Solution: Booze. Lots and lots of booze. Pro tip: the next Great American Novel is not at the bottom of that next glass of whiskey. That doesn’t keep Don from trying though. Soon writing is so unimportant to him that he pawns his typewriter. Surely he is done for and will never write again. But no! The love a woman succeeds in doing what none of Don’s rehab trips have managed.

Success: Don’s typewriter is returned, he swears off booze, and finally commits to writing a novel, entitled The Bottle, which he of course dedicates to his lady love.

Lesson: When you can’t think of what to write just go on a six and half year bender and then write about it.

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