What Hollywood Bought in 2012

For those of you who keep tabs on these sorts of things, the Scoggins Report is out recounting all of the spec scripts that sold in 2012 (to studios — I don’t believe independent film sales are included. Correct me if I’m wrong) and the genres that those scripts belong to.

Ta-dah!  The actual moment you were waiting for:  The unveiling of the 2012 Year-End Spec Market Scorecard.  This is our fourth annual edition, marked not only by a series of incremental improvements to the format and data but by something unprecedented since we’ve been covering the market:

2012′s total number of spec sales — 132 — is exactly the same as 2011′s.

We know, we reported a couple of months ago that 2012 had improved over 2011 significantly, but in preparation for this week’s monster Scoggins Report we combed through all our data once again and recalculated all our numbers yet again.  At the end of the day (or year, as it were), 2012 ended up exactly on par with 2011.

And that was no mean feat:  Recall that 2011 marked a 15-year record high for spec sales.  Last year, the studios bought a few more specs than the year before (59 vs 53), and more non-studio buyers got into the game as well (62 vs 56).

But we don’t want to give away all of the Scorecard’s secrets — check out the document for yourself.

Find the aforementioned document here.

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  1. Thanks for linking to the Scorecard. We do cover spec sales to non-studio buyers, FYI. We define “buyer” as a person or company with ready access to production financing, though, which keeps the list of sales to non-studios relatively low. Last year we tracked about 70 of them, compared to about 80 in 2011.

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