Recommendation: Jameson First Shot Competition

CaptureThe deadline for the Jameson First Shot competition is around the corner on January 2. This screenwriting competition is a rare chance to have your script professionally produced and starred in by a well-known actor. This year, the actor is Uma Thurman.

In previous years, the competition was not open to residents of California, but the rules have changed. Entry is free, and if you win, you’ll get to direct your own production.

This competition has some very specific rules in terms of script length and content, so be sure to review those carefully before you start writing. The contest states:

We’re looking for more outstanding writer/directors to enter the 2014 competition, where we will be offering an incredible opportunity; giving people a ‘first shot’ in the film industry by having their short film produced by the Academy Award-winning Trigger Street Productions and giving them the chance to direct Uma Thurman in the leading role.

In order to enter you must be from South Africa, Russia or the US (now including California!), be at least 25 years-old, and write a script of no more than seven pages based on one of three themes (‘Legendary’ OR ‘Humorous’ OR a ‘Very Tall Tale’).

I don’t know of any other contests quite like this one. Good luck!

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