What a Great Logline Looks Like: April Edition

The April Logline Competition was our biggest competition yet, and we’ve got the results right here. Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


This month’s winner was Laura Garrison with her logline for THE MUFFIN MEN, a comedy:

After their struggling breakfast-delivery startup rolls out a sensual “secret menu” for eccentric housewives, four hapless guys scramble to save their suddenly booming business from a puritanical HOA.

Everything about this logline is perfect. The word choices are on point and playful. The idea feels complete, and it’s beautifully constructed. And that title! This logline actually made me laugh out loud just thinking about the possibilities.

About Laura (@pickleboots – laura.garrison5@gmail.com)

Laura Garrison is creeping slowly southward like an unstoppable fungus that subsists on caffeine and gummy bears. She recently completed an adventure film screenplay and is working on a couple of other projects while finishing up her dissertation on spiders in American literature and editing an online literary magazine.


First up, we have Megan Bickel with her logline for SPARKS, a romantic comedy:

A neurotic scientist goes on the run with a charismatic bachelor when his touch sends lightning crackling from her hand, igniting interest from terrorists, the government, and a believed-dead lab partner.

Wonderful, playful language. A bit of fantasy and adventure added to the mix make this rom-com feel fresh and exciting. And you can just imagine all the trouble these two will find themselves in. It’s a classic hate-turns-to-love with a brand new setup.

About Megan (@megankbickel – mkbickel@gmail.com)

Megan K. Bickel is a writer from Indianapolis, Indiana.  She was a Theater major at the University of Dayton and has appeared on stage in Indianapolis.  The mother of three boys, Megan works from home and volunteers in the community.


Next, we have Hank Isaac with his logline for ALEXANDER THE GREAT, an hour-long pilot:

When train-geek Alexander is inadvertently given an actual railroad for his tenth birthday, he decides to rally both his friends and his enemies to get it running in order to save his town from economic ruin.

I can easily imagine this as a Sunday evening family show. What a great big problem (and adventure!) for a ten year old kid. It’s easy to see this show progressing and growing over multiple seasons based on this well-composed logline.

About Hank (@Hank_Isaac – IMDb – Web Series – Vimeo – LinkedIn)

Hank Isaac comes to the world of screenwriting from the visual arts. A professionally trained Industrial Designer, he is also a prolific writer who has embraced the world of cinema and TV. Hank’s father was a motion picture executive and his mother was a dancer. He had a fanciful childhood which probably led to his being an aviator as well as a sailor, SCUBA diver, inventor, filmmaker, teacher, writer, designer, builder, explorer, scientist, engineer, photographer, painter, sculptor, amateur chef, mentor, husband, and father.  Hank is living proof that youth exists in one’s mind, not in one’s body as he seeks to create exciting stories and characters which touch the heart and enliven the soul.


The May Logline Competition is now open for entries. Enter today!

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